Wednesday, February 18, 2009

my lesson in grace

Last night I went to Grace Fellowship. And while I was there, God taught me something.

Grace Fellowship was started 20-30 years ago by a group of area women. (one of them being my amazing boss. she seriously is amazing and wonderful and so very, very wise) Five times a year the area women gather together for a meal, a special feature (last night was about decorating on a budget) and someone shares their testimony. It is a great time for non-Christians to come to a non-threatening atmosphere to experience God's love and a great time for Christian women to get together and fellowship.

The speaker was sharing her testimony about how God had worked in her marriage to bring her and her husband together to form a team. And of course, she shared from Proverbs 31. Because what good Christian can share about marriage and being a good wife without quoting Proverbs 31 or I Corinthians 13 or Ephesians? (the answer is none!)

My response was to start the eye-roll. The thoughts going through my mind were not necessarily flattering.

"Seriously? This is what you're going to share? Don't you realize how over-used this Scripture is? In the whole Bible can't you find SOMETHING else?"

And then God slapped me upside the head. (let's be honest - I totally deserved it!) I was struck with the thought that no Scripture is over-used. Because it is a living, breathing thing that has power all the time in all situations. Just because I was lucky enough to go to youth group and a Christian high school and a Christian college and be part of a great Bible study and be a missionary at a camp where I hear a Biblical message on a regular basis does not make the message any less powerful.

Maybe I didn't need to hear that particular reference last night (cause, um, well, the whole wife thing? not really my status in life at the moment), but who is to say that the woman sitting across from me didn't need that exact message? Who is to say that my unsaved neighbor is listening to what God has to say about being a wife and goes home and reinvents her whole marriage? Who am I to limit God's power?

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