Tuesday, February 17, 2009

a little glimpse into me ....

I have a confession. Are you ready? Really? I'm just going to say this once so pay attention. And only keep reading if you really want to know about the true me.

Trust me.

Ok. Here goes.

I love cheesy.

Of course I will mercilessly mock it. But, at the same time, I love me some cheesy.

(I love me some cheesy? WHO AM I?)

Give me a soul-stirring song along with a PowerPoint presentation and I am right there with ya. Goosebumps and all. Give me a movie with a soaring song and a scene of a guy hanging onto a door and my tears are flowing. Give me a sob story on the radio, trying to get their brother's wife's teacher's daughter's family a little extra money for the Christmas holidays (105.1 - Your Christmas Wish Station) and I am definitely welling and scrunching my cheeks.

I just had to share that with ya'll. I feel SO much better now! I felt that you were maybe going through life with some misconceptions of who Rachel truly was. Now, you can rest in peace. You're welcome.

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