Sunday, February 8, 2009

looking up and moving forward

After being down with Influenza since Wednesday night, things are finally looking up here in Montanaland! I turned the corner this afternoon (Lord willing!) and hope to actually live again this week. I took advantage of my energy and picked up my house (which only made me really really want to clean/organize but I knew I didn't have enough energy for that!), did 5 loads of laundry (and hopefully will fold them all), washed my dishes (pouring boiling water on them to disinfect), walked around my house with bleach spray and disinfectant wipes, baked cookies (being very careful not to breath on the batter or sneeze in the bowl) and paid my bills. I also started to pack.

No, I am not moving away. I am just moving out of my house for a week. Because, you see, I am getting a new bathroom this week. And since that will take away the whole shower/bathroom/water thing, I can't really live in my house.

However, apparently the last time we were roommates didn't totally turn Janica against me and she is welcoming me back! So, tomorrow Millie and I are packing up and heading out.

Why do I need a new bathroom? I'm glad you asked! Please see the following pictures for the answers.

Here is my sink:

Not exactly a lot of storage space. I do like my two lights on either side of the mirror though. Hopefully those stay!

This is my tub:

I think it's pretty self-explanatory why I need a new one of those.

My ceiling:
I definitely avoid washing the walls/ceiling in this room.

And finally my toilet/door to my room :

Note the yellow tile (awesome, no? i have green tile in my kitchen.), and the cracks in the wall and the cracks in the floor.

So, the super awesome guys that I work with are going take all that and turn it into this:

Ok, maybe not. Maybe not at all.

But I do get new walls and ceiling, a new sink (with a shelf underneath!), a new tub and a new floor. My laundry room is full of most of that stuff (with the exception of the tub) and they are all set to rip into it tomorrow. I'm so excited! And I'll be even more excited when it's done and I get to live in my house again!!

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