Wednesday, February 4, 2009

random thoughts spiraling through

I feel pretty ucky right now. I have been dancing on the edge of sickness for weeks and I think I finally decided to join the party. We'll see. Honestly, I wouldn't mind a day home. Just to sleep and relax. Is that terrible? Probably.


I found the hose for a vacuum cleaner under my mattress when I was changing my sheets. Ummm ... yeah. Not really sure how that got there. I'm guessing my friend's little boys who were here a couple of weeks ago. Apparently those claims of princesshood are false.


I love clean sheet day.


Millie has gone in and out of the house about 8 times. Kinda driving me crazy! But it looks like she's about ready to settle in with her friend the bone. Hope so!


When my house is cluttered/messy I can't concentrate on what I need to do. So instead I wasted a lot of time on Facebook/Blogstalking and then I spent an hour cleaning. Now I'm ready to start my homework. All I want is my bed.


One of the bloggers I stalk responded to my post from yesterday. As a result, I have a new Facebook friend! Also, I asked another blogger I stalk the same question on his blog. As a result, I have another new Facebook friend! Yay :-)


A conversation that took place at AWANA today made me realize that I had a great childhood full of quirky things. Stories to come!


I also realized that I don't share enough of the small town charm that I am surrounded with on a 24/7 basis. More stories to come!

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