Saturday, July 11, 2009

this summer

hello all my adoring fans! i am so sorry that i have been quiet for so long, but i cannot even explain how fast this summer is going by! we are 6 weeks into our 10 week season (except my season is actually only 9 because of a wedding i am going home for the last week of camp).

so here we are, 6 weeks in. 2 weeks of staff training, 4 weeks of camp. and wow.

God has been doing amazing things this summer. we have had over 40 kids make decisions to trust Jesus as their Savior. we have had many who have felt the power of God in their lives. we have had many who come in hurting and walk away with that first step of healing.

we have also had those who knowingly walked away unsaved. we have had those who came in hurting and left hurting. we have had those who are leaving a safe haven and walking back in an area littered with landmines.

oh that we could fix everything! that we could make everything all better. but, we can't. we can do what we can do with what God gives us. we can be faithful to share His news and His love and His power with these kids. the rest is up to God and them.