Friday, February 12, 2010

The One Where I Spout 7 Random Things (#3)

I love having Friday afternoon off. It isn't part of my normal schedule, but since I worked all day on Tuesday, I decided to take this afternoon off to compensate. Hubby took the afternoon off as well and it's been lovely. I read an article I have to write a paper on and it's just glorious! We're having people over for supper and a movie (a bi-weekly tradition that used to take place at another friend's house until he moved to AZ. we're going to miss him. and his gigantic screen/projector/surround sound set-up)

I have been DOMESTIC this week. I have baked and cooked more in two days than I have in the last week (in the last month if you count how much of it was from scratch - including marinara sauce, mexican rice, a cake, cookies, french bread, and several meals). Oddly enough my homework is feeling neglected this week. Weird.

I am very frustrated with the corporation Zales. We bought our rings from them, and while we like our rings a lot, they are just not truthful in what they tell us. First they told us they could have my ring soldered and back to us by our wedding ... umm yeah, that didn't happen. Luckily they had a set that looked just like mine that they let us use for the wedding, but still. FRUSTRATING! Now we took my ring in to be resized (I have really small hands and fingers) and they told us it would be back to us by Valentine's Day, including the time it took for them to ship it to us from Rapid City. Well, I called them today to check the status and they just got it in. Meaning it hadn't shipped to us yet. Not a huge deal, I am just frustrated that this is the second time they promised something they couldn't deliver. And its been two separate stores too. GRR.

We got our wireless router yesterday. It's not working yet. Grr. So I'm still tied to the kitchen table. Hopefully getting it figured out today!

I just started using Google Chrome this week at the recommendation of my friend Travis and I'm enjoying it! My favorite part (and the reason I got it in the first place) is Chromed Bird. I am so much more of a Tweeter now and I actually kinda like it!

Hubby and I hit up Sam's Club last weekend (ummm!! my family was never much of a bulk buying kinda, but hubby's was so we borrowed camp's card and hit them up. ummmm .... wow!!). Anyways, we picked up some hazelnut coffee, which is yummy with half & half. Not so yummy with french vanilla creamer.

Last Friday I mentioned hearing the sirens go off at 6:30 and not knowing what was happening. Well, on our way to work that morning, we discovered what happened - a house burnt down. So, while I was sitting here in my kitchen, playing with my blog, just a few blocks away a house was on fire and a 25 yr old man lost his life. You just don't know. 

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