Friday, February 19, 2010

The One Where I Spout 7 Random Things (#4)

Click on the picture to take you to more 7 Quick Takes! And without further ado, here are mine::

It is 4:14 and I am currently curled up in bed with Miss Millie and my heating blanket. On Wednesday night I started to get a headache and that feeling like I was going to get sick. Thursday morning I woke up with a slightly sore throat but felt pretty good. By the time I got back from "town" it had turned into a chest thing. I have a headache and my chest is really really tight. My colds don't normally go to my chest this early but apparently this time I "lucked" out!

I went to "town" yesterday for a multitude of reasons - to get a new soc security card, to drop off a ton of stuff at a Goodwill type place, to go to the doctor and to see my BFF. The reason I chose that "town" was specifically because of the soc security office. As much as I love my BFF and love having her only 2 hours away from me, we don't normally go to that "town" because there are more options the other way (we are in the middle of a triangle that will get us to 3 different WalMarts in 3 different states in 2 hours). But the next closest soc. sec office is 3 hours away.  I even chose what gynecologist I would go see because of the soc security office (and no, I'm not pregnant. I am just blessed by a bladder infection. that. won't. go. away.). So, I booked it up there to get to the dr on time, had a wonderful lunch with Bethy and then headed on my merry way to the soc security office. I circled the block a couple of times trying to find it (it was in a very nondescript building with a ton of other offices), found a parking spot and went inside. I reached for the door and had some issues getting it open. Apparently they are only open until noon on Thursday.

Miss Millie got a haircut this week and as a result, she is also a very big fan of my heating blanket. It's kind of funny.

My in-laws have been talking about coming to see us for awhile now because they haven't been here yet, (they live in SoDak, about 500 miles away. incidentally, my parents also live 500 miles away from us, but just in MN), and this weekend was one they had talked about. We hadn't heard from them for sure, so we just assumed they weren't coming, but we got a call from my MIL at lunch and they're planning on heading this way. Tonight! I picked up the house and unfortunately, that's about the best they're going to get. I'm excited to have them come, because I love my in-laws. They're amazing. But my energy level is about zero. And there is nothing to do in our small town, so hopefully they like just staring at their beautiful children because thats about all they're going to get!

Hubby and I have been working our way through The Office season 5 on instant Netflix. We're fans. Except it's so awkward that we can only take it for a little bit. Except it's such a trainwreck that we can't stop watching. So, at various time of our viewing we'll take turns turning our faces away because "IT'S JUST SO AWKWARD". Then we get over it and laugh.

I am in a BBC mood right now. An old BBC kinda mood. So I put a bunch of BBC shows in my instant queue and plan to watch them as soon as I'm done writing this.

I'm sorry if this doesn't make a lot of sense. I really tried but my head is just making no sense to me right now. So, good luck deciphering!

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