Thursday, February 25, 2010

The One Where I Talk For Awhile

Do ya'll have any traditions? As we go further and further along in our married life (it'll be 2 months on Tuesday!), I have noticed some things that are becoming regular.

The first one started to develop before we were even married. Hubby always came to pick me up on Sunday mornings for church and one time we decided he would come over early and have breakfast. That became more and more normal and pretty soon it was an understood. At first we would make scrambled eggs and sit down and eat them with toast. One morning I was running behind a little, and so he made the eggs. Then, because I wouldn't have time to sit down and eat, he put it in a burrito shell so I could take it with us. Genius! They were so delicious that we have made that part of our normal Sunday morning routine.

We were even able to share that tradition with his parents when they came to see us last weekend!

On nights when I make pizza (I am currently on the search for a delicious, easy, quick pizza sauce recipe - any input??), we have a tendency to watch movies. Now, watching something is not unusual for us - we just normally choose to watch TV on DVD or Netflix (Alias,The Office, Heroes, etc). However, one night we decided to actually watch a movie and it just so happened that I had Herbie from Netflix. There are times that I love the opportunity to go back to my childhood and this was one of them! The next time we had pizza, we chose The Absent Minded Professor. We had pizza on Tuesday night and we watched White Christmas.

I think the impetus behind this is mainly me, but I am enjoying having a chance to watch some old movies with Hubby. It's almost as if pizza and old movies now go together. It only makes sense to me!

As time goes on (after all, we haven't even been married for 2 months!), I am excited to see what other traditions come up. What about you? Anything you do that has become tradition?

As you can see, ours mainly revolves around food. Mostly because we live in the middle of nowhere and you have to find joy in the little things. But do you have anything that doesn't involve eating?

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