Friday, February 26, 2010

The One Where I Spout 7 Random Things (#5)

I normally do this at home, so I have the 7 Quick Takes pic in my documents and quickly upload it. But today I write to you from my work computer that has no graphic and really no time to do the rigamorale.

(my spell check says that isn't a real word. but it SO is. right?  i mean, right??)

So, the moral of the story is go visit Jennifer for more Quick Takers (which, unfortunately does not include her as her household got hit by a bug - yikes!).

Anyways, without further ado:

Today we are having a retreat group come up from Rapid City. Yay! After all, that's the point of what we do and we like what we do. So, yay! Bad news is that 2 of the 6 cabins we were trying to use are frozen. So, they're going to Plan B (which is just a simple way of saying we'll open up different cabins instead of those. we winterize all our cabins in the fall and just open them throughout the winter as we need them. less frozen pipes that way! at least ... supposedly). Can I just say again how glad I am that I am the secretary and not part of the maintenance team? Poor Hubby!

I am currently working on a letter to send out to all my supporters (the missionary part of this whole Montana Missionary thing). It says Feb on it, so I figure I should actually get it sent out somewhat close to Feb. I have just been so busy since we got married I haven't had time. No good since my supporters didn't even hear about Hubby until I sent them my wedding invites. True story. And now they haven't heard from me since. Yikes! For those wondering, this is not a prime example of "how to live life as a missionary"

Speaking of not being on top of things, I still haven't changed my driver's license. In my defense, I live 2 hours from the closest DL bureau and the other day when I went to get my soc. security card it wasn't in my state! But now the camp's bank is asking me to bring in my new DL so they can get a copy for their records. Errr .... apparently a road trip is in my future!

Sidenote: anyone know what the DL bureau is called in the blue pages??

Side sidenote: why do government offices NEVER answer their phones??

I am now listening to the Pandora Glee station thanks to Nora. It's amazing and I love it! So cheerful! However, my boss doesn't like noise in the office (his office is just off of mine and he never closes his door), so when he gets back from town (yeah, we have to go to "town" to get the mail and go to the bank), I'll have to turn it down or turn it off. I have a bad habit of slowly having the volume on my music creep up further and further until he says something and then I do a good job of turning it down until I let it creep up and up and up and then we do the whole process over and over again. So fun!

We got 3 heavy prayer requests last night (2 from my home church in MN and 1 from our church here) and my heart is just heavy today. There are sad things happening. I love knowing that prayer makes a difference, but I also am works oriented so I want to be able to DO something. But that's the beauty isn't it? Prayer IS doing something. It's the best thing we can DO. And so I do. And rest in the knowledge that God has this in His control.

Sidenote: Thanks to this amazingly convicting article I emailed one of them to let them know I was praying. Thanks to Alece for posting it on Twitter!

I had coffee this morning for the first time in a week. I think my taste buds are still all messed up from my cold as it just doesn't taste as good. And now I have a headache from the caffeine. Awesome. Apparently being sick weaned me off but now I'm forcing myself back on. Good choice Rachel! However, I will probably need it the next two mornings because I am cooking breakfast for the retreat group, which means getting up early!

Have I ever told you that during the "off-season" my work day starts at 9? So that means Hubby and I routinely roll out of bed at 8:15 or later. Yeah, it's rough :-)

Happy Friday loves!

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