Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Well, after yesterday's debacle, involving a loose Millie, I got smarter today! I put her harness and leash on and was involved in the whole process. Of course, I had some second thoughts as I almost met the ground once we got out on the road. She may be small, but she is mighty! However, I prevailed and we had a very enjoyable 20 minute walk.

Since we had a full 20 minutes, I went my favourite route, which involved the cemetary. As we were walking through, I was reflecting on why I enjoy walking through there so much. I decided that one of the perks is that there is almost no one there, ever. I can't remember a time that I have run into some one else up there. Even now there are almost no other footprints in the snow. It is so peaceful!

Also, I have a great time wandering through, looking at all the names, wondering how they are connected with the people I know and wondering who they were. When the headstone says "Beloved Mother and Friend" does that mean it's true? Or is it just something you put on there? I reflect on the babies, on the servicemen and on the couples who died on the same day.

Plenty of food for thought in your local cemetary! (It doesn't hurt that is it also one of the highest points in the whole town and it has gorgeous sunets - obviously I didn't see one at noon today [we're not that far north!], but still a perk!)

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