Friday, January 23, 2009

foot me here, foot me there, foot me everywhere

Do not ask the Lord to guide your footsteps, if you are not willing to move your feet
-author uknown-

One of my friends takes pictures of her feet. Not just pictures of her feet, but pictures of her feet taking her places. Really cool places like Texas, London, Italy etc. Then she put them all together in a Facebook photo album and the result is utterly gorgeous and fascinating.

While I don't get to take pictures of my feet in totally exciting places like that, this album has captivated me. I think it's a great idea! The thought of capturing where you go, with a picture that isn't typical. And one thing that I try to avoid is typical. Not that typical is all bad. It's just that I feel God calls us into living atypical lives. Does that make sense?

Well, no matter. I have been taking pictures of my feet for awhile now, with varied results. So, I have decided to become more intentional about it and share it here, on my blog. You're welcome!

I took this picture when I was home for Christmas. This particular night I was staying with my Bethany and we were having a pedicure/manicure while watching chick flicks night. We had spent most of the day inside (after she got off work) because it was storming, but finally ventured out to Target, where I scored these super cute pajamas and where Bethy got the gorgeous color of polish, which is still residing upon my toes.

what this picture means to me ::

-comfort that comes from being cozy and warm
-contentment of being with besties
-nostalgia of summer past (see the chaco tan lines on my feet? those, along with my fatbaby cowboy boots, are what my feet live in the summer during camp)
-freedom of being a girl and being able to express it through such small things as the beauty of painted nails

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