Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bliss ...

Can I just take a moment and share with ya'll the bliss that is sleeping in your own bed? Showering in your own shower? Having all of your stuff in it's place so it's easily accessible? Having all of your stuff?

It is one thing for me to be traveling and know that life is going to be in upheaval and deal with it. It is another to be right across town and know that all of my stuff is just sitting there, waiting for me to remember it, love it, use it.

Poor Janica! I made at least one trip a day to my house, always grabbing something that I needed! By the end of my time at her house (which was about 4 days) I had a whole carload of junk. Now granted, that was mostly my laundry, which multiplied after my closet sprung a leak and lots of my clothes got wet. But still. It was a little ridiculous! Luckily she is a very patient, kind, giving person who let me be quirky!

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