Thursday, January 22, 2009

25 Things ...

For the past couple of weeks a phenomenon has been sweeping Facebook (aka my life and blood) and for most of that time it had eluded me. But now time has caught up with me and the inevitable happened. I was tagged (TWICE) to write notes with 25 random things about me that I want the world to know. I hemmed and hawed about whether or not I wanted to do it, but I decided that maybe I could share it on here and thereby hit up more people with interesting facts about me. Because, lets be honest, I am nothing if not a sharer! So, for your reading pleasure :

1. I like lots of salad dressing on my salad. I put some one, cut my salad up (yes, I am a salad cutter, but it does such a good job of mixing everything together!) and then put more dressing on.

2. Dorothy Lynch is the best salad dressing ever. Period. I was so excited that they sell it at our tiny tiny grocery store here.

3. Safeway makes the BEST croutons. I made my friend Fern stop there just so I could pick some up the other day. (I had a salad for lunch today. Can you tell?)

4. I like wearing colored socks.

5. I am ridiculously affected by caffeine. Basically, don't ever give me a regular coffee. At any point in the day. As I will become loopy, airheaded and sleep deprived. Thereby making me cranky.

6. I get the same buzz from decaf that most people get from regular

7. I don't drink pop

8. I counseled for 5 out of 8 weeks of camp this summer ... which isn't exactly in my job description, but it was still amazing! I still am in touch with several of my campers and I'm so excited that they liked me enough to still talk to me!

9. I read lots of blogs, most of them people that I don't know. If someone writes well and humorously, I'm sold. Especially when they put in pictures.

10. I am a very relationship oriented person. Meaning, I love my friends and I love talking to my friends and I like to be involved in their lives. Which is why I love Facebook so much.

11. I want to do something exceptional with my life. And I see all these stories of people doing this really cool stuff at age 24 and I'm very jealous. But then I realize that I'm a missionary in Montana and have been since I was 22. That's pretty cool too!

12. I grew up on a farm. Apparently this is surprising to a lot of people who first meet me. Well, I must admit that I didn't do a lot with the farming stuff, but I can ride a horse and move cattle with the best of them! (or at least the ok of them!)

13. I am a very concrete person who thinks in a very non-concrete way. Figure that one out!

14. I talk to my dog as if she was a person. Yup, I'm one of those! But, I don't dress her up. Limits people!

15. My sister-in-law's cousin is Mark Brunell, who is an NFL player. My brother hangs out with him occasionally.

16. My grandparents live in the town where Carrie Underwood grew up (and the subject of her song Checotah). I was roadtripping with friends once and we ended up being in Checotah at the same time as Carrie was taping an episode of American Idol there. We stood in line and got her autograph.

17. I want to live in Europe

18. My house is almost always clutter-free, but not always necessarily clean. Yes, there is a difference!

19. The last two Christmases that I went home my pipes froze at my house here. I'm starting to reconsider that whole family at the holidays thing. (kidding mom!)

20. I do my best work when I have several projects needing immediate attention. When I have several projects that don't need attention I tend to not do a lot with them.

21. I enjoy music, but for the most part have no idea who sings what. There are some bands I can pick out by their styles (Alabama comes to mind) but mostly just listen and enjoy.

22. I surprise myself with my airheadedness at times. And frustrate myself.

23. I live in ranch country and have never been to a branding. Lord willing that situation will be rectified this spring!

24. My very being cries out for travel and adventure and I have decided that it is time to feed that need.

25. Most of my clothes come from Maurices because they're cute, affordable and have the only jeans that fit me.

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