Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Lately I have been obsessed (strong word ... but I couldn't think of anything that fit as well) with organization.

During the winter I struggle with the lack of sunlight. It affects my mood quite a bit and it can really drag down my attitude towards myself. I have found that it works the best to have a mostly organized environment and to be on top of things as possible. (that way taking away ammunition I might use against myself)

And of course, since this is January, that means that my organizational overdrive is kicking in! It's driving me crazy that my guest bed is filled with stuff. However, the reason I am not tackling the piles is because I am going to WalMart on Friday (oh yes, we schedule our WalMart trips WEEKS in advance) and I am going to get totes. And tubs. And boxes. And whatever else I think I MUST have. Because, this girl is getting more organized than ever!

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