Monday, March 2, 2009

my bathroom ... an update

here's all the stuff in my laundry room ... waiting to be used!

my new tub! it was touch and go for awhile whether i could even get a tub cause of the size, but Kim did some research and was able to go to Rapid City to pick it up for me. i was pretty excited!

sheetrocked walls

jim doing a little last minute mudding/taping

this is what it looks like today, after the first layer of primer.

i finished the second layer this evening and after a couple of last minute fixes should be able to get in a paint soon (we're all going to be gone at a conference this week, so that's looking like it will happen next week). after it's painted, then it's just a matter of putting everything back in and cleaning up my house (the guys are not exactly the neatest workers there are ..........)

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