Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Answers

When I wrote the post about my tires, I really felt that was what God wanted me to share at the moment.

Then, I hit publish.

Then, the doubts came racing in.

Then, I started to argue with myself and think that this was a situation that I should just take care of myself.

Then, I started to think that I was totally kidding myself and that with the state that this world is in no one was going to want to give me money for tires. Tires? What's spiritual about that?

Then, I started to think about how it's the middle of winter, I just answer the phones and who in the world am I to approach people to ask them for money? For tires?

Then, God started to work.

Then, God did a miracle.

Then, I ended up with about $300 extra that someone wants me to put in an emergency car fund.

Then, I remembered that the God who takes care of getting me ziploc baggies when I need it will take care of my tires.

Then, I remembered that I am here because this is where God wants me to be and He has made it VERY CLEAR that He will be the One to take care of me. Not me.

Then, I relaxed because I realized, yet again, that He has this.

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