Saturday, March 14, 2009

why do i love my job?

the question was put to me the other night about the favorite part of my job. i struggle with that because as i talk about the surface things, it brings up other things.

also, when i first started, it was all new, it was all exciting and it was all amazing. i do not ever want to sound jaded, but sometimes the shine wears off.

however, i don't think that is all bad. i think that sometimes a person needs to lose the glitter and the glow in order to see the real working mechanism underneath and to fully appreciate what it truly is.

so what is my favorite part?

is it walking into the dining hall on a full camp week to hear the roar of the kids? is it seeing the kids worship?

is it sharing my testimony with the girls that i counsel and have them respond with such openness and grace? is it hearing them open up and share their struggles and know that they trust me?

is it doing the secretarial work which makes is possible for these kids to come to camp? is it taking them on a trail ride?

is it being surrounded by majestic pines? is it standing on top of the cliff and taking a deep breath as i survey God's Creation for miles and miles?

is it the loud roar or the quiet whisper?

all of those things are amazing. how can i choose?

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