Friday, January 29, 2010

The One Where I Spout 7 Random Things

I first heard about 7 Quick Takes at Roots & Rings, the place where I find all cool things. But apparently it originates at Conversion Diary. Go check them both out!

I am waiting for hubby to shower and get ready so we can go over to someone's house for supper. Since I always have so many random things flying around in  my head, I thought I would just post them.

First example: many times I'll be at work, realize I have to go to the bathroom but don't do anything about it. Apparently I think that it is simply waaaaaayyyyy too much work to actually just go, because I sit there and fidget (I literally squirm in my seat like a first grader). Then I finally realize that the bathroom is only 10 feet away and so I go *ahem* take care of things and the world becomes a much happier place and I can concentrate on my work again instead of giving myself a thigh work-out worthy of Jillian.

Speaking of Jillian I am working on doing her 30 Day Shred. Day 1 and 2 were killers on my quads. I looked ridiculous as I went down stairs with straight legs! Not only that, but I made hubby rub them for me while I whined and whimpered. I might be dramatic. Maybe. But now it's better. I still want to quit every circuit, but at least I'm not in excruciating pain afterwards.

Hubby is a rockstar and got ready to go under 10 minutes, so I am now writing this after a delightful evening spent with some great friends. We had awesome food, talked politics, played pool and watched Haiwaii 5-O. By some shot of luck, I ended up winning a game of cutthroat, which is funny because pretty sure the winning shot was the only ball I hit into the pocket all night.

Tonight is the "Wolf" moon, which means it is the brightest moon we'll see all year. We did drive for awhile without our headlights, but only on camp property where there were no other drivers. Hubby finally turned them back on when we almost ran into the herd of horses. They broke out of the pasture they were supposed to be in and were making a dash towards freedom. Except, there is no freedom because they are fenced in everywhere. Bummer for them. However, they seemed to be enjoying the new scenery as they frisked away over the hills!

Speaking of the moon, can I just say how beautiful moonlight is on pine trees that are dusted with snow and enshrouded with fog?

The copious amount of caffeine I consumed today (one cup of regular coffee, 2 Excedrin pills, 2 cans of Dr Pepper and one cup of decaf coffee) is really messing with my head. Especially considering I normally only have my morning coffee and stop there. I go from exhuasted to wacky in 3.8 seconds. Quite fun for hubby I'm sure!!

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