Monday, June 15, 2009

my choice

today, i made a choice. i made a choice to be cranky, crabby and just generally snarky.

you know its bad when a generally good-natured, roll with whatever you say kinda friend says "wow, you're just so sarcastic!" and that was before i made the choice to be ms cranky-pants!

i don't know if it was the storm that came in? or the fact that i was tired? or perhaps *ahem* pmsy? too much sugar? overthinking some things?

well, whatever it was, i didn't like who i was part of the day.

i listened to the words coming out of my mouth and heard the tone i was using and winced. but, i didn't stop. i didn't do a turn about face and use kind words with a cheerful tone.

i indulged in my selfishness. i let things get to me. i ate too much sugar. i let jealousy come over me. i let stupid things get to me. i let my pride get in the way of my ministry.

and so, now i sit at home, thinking back over today and not liking what happened.

good thing we serve a God whose mercies are new every morning eh?

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