Thursday, April 16, 2009

my friend

My apologies for the smallness of the pictures.
I stole them from my friend's Facebook page and apparently that does not translate well.

This is someone who I am proud to call my friend. He is not afraid to answer the call of duty and go places.

Where is he going you ask?

Well, he is going to war. He is a proud member of the Minnesota National Guard and is soon going over to Kuwait for a year. This is his second tour of duty in Operation Iraqi Freedom. He is a medic and is looking forward to being able to take care of his fellow soldiers and keep them well hydrated.

That's my mom. She went roadtripping with me to his going away party. We had a great time!
Isn't she pretty? She just got her haircut and I love it!!

Best of luck Elisha! I am going to miss talking to you and knowing that you stalk my blog. I can't wait to hear all of your stories and read your photo journal. And take a cut of your book! My prayers are with you!!

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