Wednesday, April 15, 2009

hello road! it's nice to see you again.

See that?

No, no, past the weird frog looking thing that is attached my window.

That, my friend, is the open road. The open road and I are tight. Close even. We've definitely made it past casual acquaintance and moved more to buddies. Especially this road. This road and I are even reaching the point of true friendship. After all, what do you need to build a good friendship? Time and commonalities? Check and check!

(the weird frog looking thing is pretty cool looking though, isn't he? he is why i took the picture. oh the wonders of mud! sadly, he met his maker soon after and was washed down the drain with all the rest of my carter county dirt)

This is me driving. Yes, I take pictures of myself while I drive. Yes, it's weird. Perhaps even a little dangerous. And, oddly enough, I look strangely mad in most pictures that I take. I went with a more friendly tone to share with ya'll.

How sweet is this?? I mean, seriously, how many side cars are out on the road these days? I considered asking for a ride, but then thought that could get a little weird. So, instead, I just took pictures (trying to be all sneaky so I wouldn't be caught).

I like partaking in a meal that isn't just a meal, but an event.

This boy loves his spaghetti. LOVES. HIS. SPAGHETTI.

This boy isn't too interested in spaghetti yet. But he and his chubby cheeks are still welcome to hang out with me anytime!

Have you ever been to wedding land? Wedding land it that magical place where you are inundated with tulle and lace and chiffon and shoes and tiaras and ribbons.

(just to clarify ... I did not visit wedding land for me. I visited wedding land for the glowing girl sitting beside me)

Please take note of this picture. This is me and my Bethany. The following pictures are also me and Bethany. But, well, ummm ... I guess I just wanted to give you the heads up on that. So there wouldn't be any question. Cause, well, umm ... we don't really look like that. Well, mostly like that. But not completely.

See what I mean?

I guess this one would have been pretty obvious as to who we are. However, I did want to provide you with a normal picture (see above. no, not that above. the above above) of us so that you wouldn't think this is just how we walk around. You know, all tulled and cowboyed up. It might be common ... it's just not ALWAYS.

And finally ... a little erkins (Perkins to the unintiated), a little breakfast, a little coffee (for her, not me) and a little girl talk ... great way to get me ready to head back out on the road!

(just for the record ... I am not entirely comfortable starting my sentences with "and". but it just works out so well a lot of times. I'm sorry Mr. Undseth!)

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