Thursday, August 19, 2010

The One Where I Say I Do (pt 4)

Need a refresher/catch-up? Check out part one, two and three.

Our wedding day finally dawned. It was bright, clear and cold. And when I say cold I mean C O L D. It was -27 (yes, that is a negative number). I had asked my dad to go out and start my car for me while I was getting ready and he came back in to tell me that it wouldn't start. Luckily my parents' car has an engine heater and was plugged in all night so I could take that. That left them and my brothers' family without any transportation, but well, I was the bride and I had a hair appointment!!

I headed out to Fergus (20 minutes away) to meet my bridesmaids for our 8:00 appointments. I hopped into the chair and let Patience work her magic. A mere 45 minutes later and I was done! Karla was kind enough to do my make-up and so I was ready to go! A few last minute items (arranging flower pick-up) and I was ready to head back to the church (another 20 minute drive).

A few pictures:


On a side note, if I didn't already know that I had the best friends in the whole world, this time solidifies that. After they found out about the ring debacle they went to WalMart late Friday night and brought me 3 fake rings to choose from so I would have a ring on my honeymoon. Love them!

So, anyways, I got all beautified and loaded up in my car with Rondi and we headed down to Dalton. At least I think Rondi was with me. If not, she was close behind me. Or I'm just crazy. One or the other :-)

Fern was being awesome and already there waiting for me when I got there. She helped lace me into my dress and Bethany helped with a few last minute blotting issues before I headed down to see my man:


After we did the traditional first look, we went on to take hundreds of pictures. Luckily I am a huge hambone and didn't mind at all!

{sidenote: i always always always wanted to have the first time my husband would see me that day be when i walked down the aisle, but logistically it is a lot harder to that. especially when you're having the reception at the same place and it's a midday wedding. so i didn't even mention it because it made so much sense not to. but still. sigh.}

We took pictures with just the two of us:

We took pictures with our parents:

I took pictures with my girls:

He took pictures with his guys:

I took pictures with the guys:

He took pictures with the girls:

We took pictures with all of us:

We took pictures with all of my family:

And all of his:

I even made the wedding party take a couple pictures outside:

Then let them go inside while we stayed outside for a couple more shots:

Pretty soon we had taken every picture combination possible and it was time to hurry up and wait. The girls all headed upstairs to wait for our cue to come down. I snuck a couple of peeks off of the balcony to watch the church fill up and chatted with a couple of different people. Pretty soon it was time ....

and we were officially married!

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