Sunday, May 30, 2010

Operation Alaska Move (Day 3 &4)

Thursday was a big day as that was our time to cross the border. There were a couple of details that were making me a little nervous, namely our firearms and Millie. However, things went incredibly smoothly and we crossed with no problem. The border patrol did not even look at our stuff, which was a relief because if they had chosen to go through everything it would have taken us awhile to put it all back again!

After crossing the border we headed north towards Banff. Along the way we discovered a very important stop we had to make:

After some agonizing decisions, we were happily back on our way with fancy German gummies (the fish and frogs), sour cherry coke bottles and hot lips:

(my favorites were the sour cherry coke bottle ... mmmm)

The road continued to take us north. We skirted around Calgary and then stopped in Canmore for supper. After some delicious Chinese and a quick stop at Safeway to replenish some groceries, we crossed into Banff National Park:

We spent the night at the Tunnel Mountain Campgrounds and then headed off again in the morning.
Most of our day was spent driving through Banff and Jasper National Parks, which are connected. It was a grey, cloudy, cool and rainy day, which shrouded the mountains in mystery:

Our pass expired at 4:00 pm and we pulled out of the park at 3:57. We headed west and ended our day in Prince George, BC.

A supper of Pizza Hut and a stop at a coffee shop for wi-fi found us ready for bed so we went on a search for an RV campsite. It was ten o'clock at that point, which meant most offices were closed. We pulled into the first site we found and woke up the caretaker and talked her into giving us a spot. We tucked into our little spot and settled in for the night.

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