Friday, March 19, 2010

The One Where I Spout 7 Random Things (#6)

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I had mentioned in a brief snippet before that my husband is looking for seasonal work in Alaska, which means, yes, we are leaving camp.

It's been a great, wonderful, amazing and awesome (throw in a little bit of frustrating, hair-pulling, exasperating), place for me to be for the past 3 1/2 years. I have grown a lot in who God is, who I am and how those two mix. Hopefully I will have some time to write more about this in the coming months because I have a feeling I will have some processing to do!

That means that "Montana Missionary" is no longer going to be applicable. I have been toying for awhile with updating my blog anyways and renaming it (I do have the name in mind) but right now I am thinking about where I want to host it. I am currently on Blogger, which is fine, but I am intrigued by WordPress. Any input? Please??

I have been out of blogging for so long I am drawing a blank on what to write about. Sad. I have read over and over again that if you want to write you should just sit down and write everyday, no matter how profound or awful. I agree. However, I don't make that kind of time.

I only have my passport left to change fully over to my new name. This past week I changed both my drivers license and social security card. Today I introduced myself to someone using my new last name and while in my head I was frantically trying to make sure I said the right thing, when it came out of my mouth it just flowed. I like that.

My old name is a rather typical Lutheran, Norwegian Minnesotan name: Nelson. My new name is Dutch and 2 words and my hubby has never met anyone else with the same last name. How exciting that is!

Hubby and I spent the night going over finances. Combing bank accounts is hard and time consuming!

Taxes are calling our names too. However, we're just pretending we can't hear them. It's more fun this way.

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