Monday, October 5, 2009

my personal brand of comfort

(this was originally written for a discussion for my Intro to Mass Com class)

Book are like comfort food - they are what I reach for when I'm tired, when I'm sick, when I'm stressed and when I just need a dose of comfort. Whether I reach for my Bible, a political thriller, an archaeological mystery, ChickLit, Christian growth or fantasy, they all satisfy a need I have - a need to escape to another place, even if just for a little bit. A need to let this world's weight slip off my shoulder and disappear for awhile. As an introvert, I need that time with just me and my book to rejuvenate and to get ready to face the world again!

Books have been a part of my life since I was very young. Once I learned how to really read when I was 7, my book consumption took off. No longer was I dependent on my mom or a read-a-long tape to meet my fix - I could take care of it on my own! So, from the time I was in first grade, books consumed me. It was a punishment to take away my book. My mom would ask me to do something and it was always "at the end of this chapter, mom!"

While I can't say that I have quite the same dedication to books as I once did (I am finding as I get older that sleep time is a slightly bigger priority than books - but not by much!) they are still a priority in my life. I always have at least 2 or 3 books going. My Bible is a daily necessity, my fiction book is for right before bed so I can relax and my Christian growth book is to help me think about some issues that I have never thought about before.

When I walk into a bookstore I practically purr with satisfaction as I peruse the shelves, picking up this book, flipping through that book or just touching the spine of a bunch of books as I glance through their titles.

Whatever the occasion and whatever the book, give me something with a couple hundred pages and a binding and you'll have one happy Rachel!

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