Sunday, December 28, 2008


It appears every time I turn around I am hitting a roadblock! Literally. In the form of winter storms.

I ended up coming back to my home state for Christmas and then had plans to journey further on between Christmas and New Years. For a couple of reasons. Namely, to visit my dear dear friend Jenny. Who worked at camp for one summer and then ditched us. Something about God having other plans for her life.

My other reason is a bit more ..... non concrete. I have been very bored and restless with the ordinary lately. I am crying out for adventure and it isn't happening! I think I place too much emphasis on what I imagine adventure to be and then when my expectations are not met I end up throwing a tantrum like a 2 year old. The only difference is that I do mine internally. For the most part. At least most of what I externalize is coherent. Most of.

Anyways. I was all set to leave bright and early this morning. So I come home last night (pretty late ... after spending 6 hours at Perkins .... but it was lovely!) and check the weather. What do I see? Michigan is covered in a winter storm warning. No where else. Just Michigan. Exactly where I want to go. Roadblock.

After discussing it with my family and listening to their wise and sage advice (and not what I wanted to hear!!) and trying to make other situations work to our advantage I had to give up on the dream to see my Jenny. Sigh.

So, now what? Well, since my home state is Minnesota (are you noticing a trend with the M's in my life? Cause I sure am!) and I have been east, west, and south of here, there is only one direction to go.

Canada here I come! One of my brothers has graciously given up his plans (well .... he didn't really have any so I didn't have to twist his arm too hard) to come with me. So, Lord willing we're going to head out on the road in the morning. If, ya know, the winter storm that we are supposed to get doesn't hit. Roadblock!

On a cheery note for the day - since I didn't leave at o'dark thirty this morning I was able to go to my home church. My lovely, fun, growing, full of people I love church. It was great!

I felt like I was in high school again. My best friend ended up sitting with me and my mom and we laughed and giggled and poked each other and told secrets through the whole service. While paying the utmost attention of course!! Mom gave us dirty looks and passed us notes. What fun!

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