Friday, September 26, 2008

He Will Take Care Of Us

The other morning I was struggling with trust. My car had died (again). A couple of weeks ago my car died and we figured out that I needed a new battery. So $88 later my car was working again and I breathed a sigh of relief. Much rather spend that rather than the several hundred it would be to replace my alternator or starter!

Well, unfortunately it did not end there. The other day I was slowing down for an intersection and my car died. It has done that before, but not for awhile. I thought the fuel filter I had replaced a month ago would take care of that! Also, when it does that it normally just starts up right again.
Well, a couple of tense moments later it started again and I went on my merry way.

My driving life went fine for awhile but then on Wednesday I went out to start my car so I could go home for lunch and get to AWANA early to set up everything I needed. Not so much. My car cranked and cranked and turned over and turned over but nothing happened. To say the least I was a little stressed! (But I was proud of myself that I didn't cry. For those of you who don't know me that well ... that is a major accomplishment!) I did what I always do in a car emergency and called upon the trusty skills of Ted, our resident mechanic. He couldn't do anything for me so he loaned me a vehicle and sent me on my way. He went out on Thursday morning to look at it again and it started right up. Of course. And today my pastor, Tim (Ted's son coincidentally), came up to help out at camp and hooked my car up to his code reader and found nothing. It runs perfectly.

So the question is, is my car a female hater (how is that only I hear the noises or feel the weird vibrations but as soon as a guy who knows what he is doing gets in there it runs perfectly?) or is it an answer to all the prayers that have been said (I know I was sending up a few frantic prayers and one of my friends sent me a message telling me that he and his family had taken time the night before to pray for my car)?

Before it started working again, I was really struggling with doubts and worries and wondering what in the world I was going to do. After all, I am about to head off on a month long excursion that heavily involves the use of my car. It may be silly, but I would really prefer to have all the bugs worked out of my car before I take off! And let's be honest, I'm a missionary. I don't exactly have several hundred dollars sitting around to spend on my car. Its a little strange but I do like to eat occasionally!

However, on Thursday morning God brought a timely message to me. Every morning most of the staff (the married men and the singles) get together to share a time of devotions and prayer. That morning Kevin spoke on trusting God. He had been reading in Kings, where it talks about the widow who didn't have enough food to keep her and her son alive, let alone any extra people. Then Elisha comes waltzing in and tells her that she needs to make him some food too. Oh and give him his portion first please! I'm sure it was a huge step of faith for her to do that, but she listened to what God said to do. Because of her faith and trust they had enough food to live upon. It doesn't say that God overflowed their food, but they never ran out.

So my question was, could I trust God? Could I trust that He would provide for me with what I need? And obviously the answer is yes. I don't know how often He teaches me this lesson, but it's quite often. However, honestly I like lessons likes these. It shows me the reality of the God that I serve and the power that He has. Is my car fixed? I don't know! I just know that He has things under control and He's going to take care of me. Chances are I won't be driving a Lamborgini around anytime soon, but I can trust that He knows where I need to go and when.

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