Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Images of Life

My brother and nephew came to visit me this spring and we got to go explore the Montana countryside by 4-wheeler. It was a bunch of fun!

I am very blessed by the family that God has given me and the support that they have shown me about moving to the middle of nowhere Montana. All except for my niece have been out to visit me.
(and she is 4 so I don't think she really notices)

Family Affair
This my brother Peter and I on top of an observation tower. I was able to sneak home in June for a couple of days and as a family we went to Sisseton, SD for a day.

My dear Ginny.
Definitely one of the highlights of my summer was that she was able to come out for a week of camp!

The following pictures are from a wedding of two staff members. Kevin and Jen met at camp several summers ago and were married on August 16. The wedding was really sweet (this bride glowed!) and it was a lot of fun to hang out with some great friends.

Elisha and I
Elisha is a fellow Minnesotan - he actually grew up about an hour away from Fergus and lived in Fergus for awhile. We also have some friends in common. However, we met at camp and have never actually seen each other in Minnesota :-)


What happens when you leave your camera unattended

Futile Effort
I was under strict orders NOT to catch the bouquet.
However, I decided that it just didn't look right if I didn't put any effort into it so this is me trying
(while knowing that I really had no chance)
Better luck next time?

Sittin & Gazin
We finished up the fun-filled friend extravaganza with a foray into a local state park for some grilling (which was super super yummy!) and some great friend time.

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