Friday, October 24, 2014

on this Friday::

I am ...

believing random pictures of my kiddos are an integral part of this random blog post

believing in extra snuggles, extra kisses, extra apologies.

believing in this life we have built together, the two of us side by side, BFFEAE, no matter what.

believing that my children are the most beautiful, smartest, sweetest, rascal-ist children in the whole wide world (but I am more than a little biased, so take that with a grain of salt).

believing that I can push myself forward, even if day by day it doesn't feel like it.

believing that movie nights are not complete without popcorn and hot tamales.

believing that sunshine cures many ills. as does sleep. and food. because there is nothing worse than being hangry!

administering kisses to a little boy's head who is sitting on my lap while I type this (to which he says 'thank you but your face is yucky')
elbow-deep cleaning up this house of ours so we can start this weekend on a happy note
speed-reading this book so I can finish the trilogy without having to renew my library books AGAIN
vacillating about whether or not to buy new clothes for family pictures
borrowing this book from my mom
missing spending fall in MN
craving pop. always pop.
eating whatever is the easiest and quickest thing to grab, even if that happens to be a fun-size Twix bar.
thinking about what craft projects I want to put time and effort into
loving that my husband is the perfect husband for me
praying for eyes to see the gifts He has given me
gearing up for starting a new season of life that is going to involve going to board meetings and using my adult brain
wishing for contentment that settles into my bones

inspiration for this blog post from Kathleen and Nora