Wednesday, July 24, 2013

snack time

last week, I decided that I NEEDED a snack. the combination of nursing, working out, and being me was too much and I was starving.

I started in the fridge, worked my way to the cupboard, up to the freezer and back to the fridge. nothing looked good, nothing sounded good.

until, I saw the pickles. and then I knew I was set.

so I grabbed the pickles, some cheese and a Sierra Mist.

(no, I'm not pregnant. a girl can like pickles anytime. I have since I was a wee little girl and would put down a whole jar while watching some cartoon on my grandma's TV)

I went to open the pickle jar and due to some combination of my gracefulness and gravity, I ended up spilling pickle juice all over the counter, floor and my legs.

it might be a true indication of my graceful state that when I let out a yelp of surprise, my husband did not come running to my aid or ask what happened. he knew I was fine, and he knew I was being me.

anyways, if you think that this let me deter me from having my pickles, you would be sadly mistaken. I threw a towel down, grabbed a bowl of pickles and went on my merry way. pickle legs and all. Luke sure is a lucky guy!

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