Thursday, May 27, 2010

Operation Alaska Move (Days 1 & 2)


Our stuff is boxed up and packed carefully in our Explorer and camper, we have snacks and audio books to last us a week or more and we said good-bye to our little house:

Anchorage here we come!

Our first day on the road took us from the far southeastern corner of Montana to the north central part of the state, where we spent the night with one of Luke's friends from Bible school. Along the way we saw lots of this:

Rain and prairie. 

Occasionally, we would see something a little more diverse rising out of the landscape:

 On Tuesday we ran some errands in Great Falls, picked up some last minute items, including a booster pack so I can keep my laptop charged and we can jump start the vehicle in the middle of nowhere if need be. 

Then, since we don't have a schedule or any deadlines, we decided to head west to Glacier National Park. As we headed out on the road, we started to see the mountains in the far distance:

After arriving at the park, we decided to put our legs to good use and went for a walk. It felt good to stretch out our muscles and we enjoyed seeing the scenery:

After securing a spot at the local KOA:

(can you tell which one is not like the others?)

we decided to head out to find food. That is when we discovered the sad truth that nothing is open this time of the year. 

At least not until Friday.

So, we went back to camp and scrounged through our food and found a rather delicious supper within our stores. Then we settled into our cozy home for the night:

Of course there are many things we have seen and not been able to get pictures of:

 The sound of the woodpecker echoing through a huge valley * The sunlight highlighting the hills 
 The amazing scope of God's Creation that gives the viewer goosebumps * The absolute silence of nature

We're really enjoying our trip! Don't worry - I'll be back with days 3 & 4 soon!

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