Thursday, February 18, 2010

The One Where I Say I Do (pt 1)

Hello Loves!

I know there are a couple of you out there that are interested in hearing about our wedding and seeing some pictures, so this is for you! Sorry this is so late, and I can't promise this will be done in a timely manner, but here it goes:

Hubby (then Fiance) and I were planning on heading to my parents house on Christmas Eve. We would race to Bismarck to pick up my wedding dress before the shop closed, and then race on home to Minnesota so we could make it in time for my church's Christmas Eve service. Considering its a 7-8 hour drive and church was at 4, we would have had a full day!

Then mom called me at 7:00 on Tuesday morning and said that if we were planning on being home for Christmas, we had to leave. Right then.

Ummm ... what?!?

Bear in mind that at this point we were 11 days away from our wedding, I had planned the wedding in 2 shopping trips (one to get my dress and one to get everything else), and I had just finished finals. We had one more counseling session that night and then I was going to take Wednesday to pack, taking my time to figure out everything I needed and wanted for a week at home, the wedding and then our honeymoon (which at this point I had no idea where it was). I was determined that this time my packing would be different - it would be logical, economical and not fill up the whole car.

Yeah, about that.

So, I called Fiance, who was still sleeping. His roommate woke him up and handed him the phone. We discussed what mom had told me, namely that there were two huge blizzards heading towards my parents and  we had only a small window of time to get there. We hemmed and hawed and figured it would be better to spend Christmas with family than by ourselves in MT. So, we hung  up the phone and started throwing things in our suitcases.

As far as logical, economical and space conscious ... well, I tried.

The only that he told me about our honeymoon is that it was somewhere warm (which he called and told me while I was frantically throwing things in suitcases, packing up Miss Millie's things to go to the dog sitter, and calling people to tell them what was going on). I registered enough to put in my capris,shorts and flip-flops, but I totally forgot about bringing shirts. Also, I COULD NOT find my swimsuit. Anywhere. I looked and looked and looked.

Luckily my hometown has a Target and they came through for me. Their swimsuit selection this time of year was quite impressive, so I was able to pick one up. As for shirts ... well, lets just say every time I hit up Target (which was A LOT the week before the wedding), I made my way through the clothing section to see if I could glean anything else. I did score one t-shirt with a Christmas tree on it and 2 tank tops. Not bad. Combine that with the 2 t-shirts I had brought home and I made it through ok.

Anyways, we packed up the car (literally packed full, full, full!) and raced to Bismarck to pick up my dress. We were able to squeak into town right as they were closing and I tried on my dress while Fiance napped in the car. I paid for the alterations (just a simple hem job - can you believe I was able to find a dress on my one day of dress shopping that required me to buy it off the rack and all I had to do was hem it?? answered prayer!), and we headed off down the highway.

We finally pulled into my parent's house laate that night, after making several wedding stops in Fargo. It was cold, we were tired and slightly stressed but, we were there.

Next up: Christmas and the week before the wedding. 

Can you even handle the excitement??

In the meantime, I will leave you with a pic. Notice my shoes - how cute are they?? 

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