Saturday, December 12, 2009

The One Where I Have Copious Amounts Of Homework

My list for today this week:

-1 Travel Article (I am doing it on the Dalton Threshing Bee) (writing this article really makes me want to go home for this again! It's been too long!)
-1 Interview (I did it with Tom Lutey from The Billings Gazette and now I just have to write it up and submit it) (he was really nice and was willing to talk to me for almost an hour. very interesting stuff to say!)
-1 Article on something major (I haven't picked a topic yet) (I am doing it on teaching at country school and have already asked 3 country school teachers I know to answer some questions for me) (i am really happy with how this turned out! hopefully my prof likes it just as much)
-1 Powerpoint Presentation on something of my choosing (must include animation and I think music). I am doing it on Luke and I for the wedding *cue awwwssss now* (oh and as of right now, wednesday at noon, the office scanner isn't working. so i guess our powerpoint will have baby pictures of luke and pictures of me from the last 3 months.) (this took forever! i literally worked on it for hours. and hours. and hours. and made my mom and his mom work on it for hours too, scanning. and there are lots of slides. i have a feeling i will be continually tweaking it between now and the wedding! however, it is good enough to submit. even though there isn't a table like there is supposed to be.)
-1 Test in Office 2007 (After 13 attempts I finally got 100%! Did you know that if you want to view a PowerPoint on another computer the best resource to use is the Pack & Go Wizard? Yeah, me neither. Oh and yes, I am a perfectionist. I will not accept a 45/50 on a quiz with unlimited attempts.)
-1 Massively, Giant Take Home Test for my Intro to Mass Com Class (my mid-term took SEVENTEEN pages to finish ....) (this puppy came in at 19 pages. oh yes, even though it was supposedly shorter than my mid-term, it still took more pages. some days i wish i wasn't so achievement oriented!)

I better get to it!

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